Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Henry Christmas 2010

We spent Saturday with the Henry's for Christmas - the girls brought their guitars with them - and I was messing around with my camera while they were playing...
Jenna is growing up to be such a great young lady - hard to believe she will be 16 this May...
Kelsi worked so hard to teach Garry how to play Jingle Bells - patience of a saint!!

Lexi & Cole hanging with Uncle Jay & Aunt Natti..
Lexi got Uno Attack - what fun
Lexi with two of her favorite girls - she can't get enough of Jenna & Kelsi
Look - it's Shrek!!!
What a face...
Cole got Hungry Hungry Hippos - and Bruce & Garry had to take a turn at it.
Cole with Uncle Boo
and Uncle Jay - I think we all played it on Saturday
Reading with Uncle Jay - they got lots of quality time with the aunts and uncles
My picture by the tree - Jenna (15) Lexi (9) Kelsi (12) and Cole (5)
Merry Christmas from the Henry Grandkids!!

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