Friday, July 23, 2010

Swimming Lessons

The kids have been taking swimming lessons at KOA for the past two weeks - to say that they have had fun would be an understatement. I got to see them Wednesday morning before heading to Pittsburgh.
Lexi doing her best Michael Phelps impersonation!!
Patrick teaching her how to dive....
or in this case - belly flop!!
Cole getting ready
He learned to swim and float on his back - he thinks he is so cool. Just ask him - and he will answer "Monkey-Airplane-Soldier"
They got to end each lesson with a ride or two down the slide - Lexi finally will do it without plugging her nose!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Cousins - and more cousins

There is never a better reason to get together than to see cousins - and the kids got to see lots of them this past weekend. My cousins Matt & Christy were home with their kids and we got together to take pictures. This is Gram with her 10 great grand kids - sorry for the lightness - the sun glare was really bad for my shots.
Horrible - I know - but we lined them up in birth order - from the left - Kelsey, Lexi, Addie, Lauren, Stella, Cole, Emory, Tucker, Bryanna & Arleigh. The neat thing is the four of us girls were all actually pregnant at one time in the span from Cole to Bryanna - they are separated by just over 6 months.
Bryanna and her buddy Emory - there is exactly 4 weeks between them.
Cole and Tucker - high 5
Lexi & Lauren
Arleigh was soooo tired - but soooo cute!!
and the original 4 Pollock grandkids with Gram - all grown up. Christy is married to Dan and lives in Erie with Kelsey, Lauren & Tucker. Matt is married to Mandy and Addie, Stella, Emory & Arleigh are theirs. Matt is in the navy and they are currently stationed in Brussels - so we haven't seen them in 18 months. It is always nice to visit - and to know that even though we have gone our separate ways - we are all still cousins!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Cole

It was a Toy Story party this year
Blowing out his candles with Lexi, Brett, Logan & Bryanna close at hand
Opening his Nerf Gun from Bryanna
Mimi & Bryanna
He got a slip n slide from Nana Mimi & Papa - this was his first trip down.
The water was a warm maybe 40 degrees
Brett trying it out
Uncle Bryan trying it out - he is really a kid at heart
Lexi giving it a try
Amy being attacked
Bryanna trying to reason with Megan - how Megan can keep a straight face when looking at her in those goggles - I do not know!!
Logan trying it out

and the biggest kid - my husband - going down
Cole's new big boy bed - He turned 5 - lost the toddler bed - where has the time gone??
Happy Birthday Bug - we love you!!