Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cole's 4th Birthday

Cole's new bike horn - did I mention how loud it is??
OOOHHH new water guns!!
Opening Lexi's present - don't you love her outfit - she insists on playing dress up at every party we have.
Him with his Batman Cake!!
The water gun battle - from L-R - Cole, Logan, Garry, Lexi, Bryanna, Bryan, Kelsi & Brett - I think that they all were soaked by this point - except for Brett - he was the sneaky one!!

Hey - I'm Batman

Cole opening his Batmobile from Mimi, Bibi & Bryanna - she told him about it the day after Bryan bought it, but he didn't remember!!
My bat wings - they are folded up here.....
Now I am ready to fly - check out the video with it!!
My little batman
and my big batman

Cole's Bat Wings

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kick Ball Anyone??

It rained some this weekend while we were camping - but the sites next to the Lander's were open. The kids kept playing kickball, using the trees and tables as bases. Russ had the great idea on Friday night to have a kickball game - boys against the girls - so we all loaded up in Russ' truck and headed for the ball field just outside the campground!!
Lexi was up first for Team Princess (guess who picked that name??) She struggled a little with the rules, but enjoyed kicking the ball none the less.
Here is Adam - team captain for the boys team - Becca was our pitcher and yes that is me out there playing second or short stop or where ever my legs would carry me at that point.
Adam was a sneaky little runner - here is me trying to tag him out - he was quick - all that baseball experience was a little too much!!

Here is Becca - Lexi is rooting her on at first - Adam pitching - Garry waiting for the ball. In the end - the boys whooped the girls good - the adults were all dying of heat - the kids wanted to go a few more innings. These are the things that are the best about having kids and great friends!!

Camping with the Lander's

So Tired on the way home today -
Can you see how muddy Cole's shoes are - he played hard this weekend!!
His new friend - Tinkerbell - the Lander's new family pet. Cole was totally in love with her all weekend long and hasn't stopped talking about her.
Garry and Lexi fishing across the spill way yesterday - she caught a fish too!!
Eating breakfast on day number one - before the rain!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

VBS Songs

You can see Cole and Bryanna - and Lexi is above Bryanna

Same thing

Cole and Bryanna's Class - we taught them to say they were sorry - now they aren't sorry

Camp EDGE - VBS 2009

It was Vacation Bible School week at the church this past week - Mom volunteered to help this year and took Lexi, Cole and Bryanna. Here is them outside by the sign in front of the church.
Lexi was a Purple Raccoon and Cole and Bryanna were Green Chipmunks. They kool aid tie dyed shirts for the program on Saturday.

Mom with the kids before the program. Their nametags you see were made out of wood.
Lexi and Caitlin her teacher - sad part is that I remember having Caitlin when she was around Lexi's age in Bible School - getting way too old!!