Monday, May 25, 2009

Just a few more

The girls playing play dough.
OOPS got these out of order - we had a water balloon fight - Cole dropped his before we started - but I found the supersoaker under the table cushion - so he was set.

OH NO - I dropped my balloon!!
Boys getting ready for the water balloon fight.
Cole discovered his big dump truck under the camper today while we were packing up - OOPS!

More Camping pictures

Garry, Kelsey, & Lexi fishing at the spill way
Russ with Becca, Adam, & Nate - Becca was on the only one to catch a fish!!
Lexi and Becca sleeping - we told them they could stay up late if they took a nap in the afternoon with Cole.
Cole playing with the big boys - they were so good to him.
So we like to eat A LOT when we are camping - here was the first morning breakfast - Mom, Garry & Russ had BLT's, their normal breakfast meal.

Memorial Day Camping Friends

The kids had lots of friends this weekend - Adam brought his friend Nate with him - here they are eating breakfast Saturday morning.
Our four buddies - Julie and I wonder where the time has gone - this was before we left today.
Here is the troup - my cousing Christy and her family was camping there too with their three kids - from L to R - Adam, Cole, Lexi, Tucker, Kelsey, Becca, & Lauren
The three cousins - Lexi sure enjoyed getting to spend some time with Kelsey and Lauren this weekend.
At the BIG PLAYGROUND - we had Cameron - a friend from last year with us - you will have to check out the merry-go-round video too!!

Garry got a majority of them going to the Merry-Go-Round - it was just too funny not to capture.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nicely the Newt

The kids have a new pet - Nicely the Newt
Garry found him outside the garage this weekend
Cole was scared of him at first - but likes him now.

Dance Recital 2009

All done up - even with makeup
Got to wear her hair this year like the big girls do
Our ballet outfit
Chugga Chugga Choo Choo for tap
Shaking it up for Jazz