Sunday, August 30, 2009

Visit to Jay & Natalie's

They played putt putt - Lexi after her hole in one!! She had the highest score - so she was told that is how you win :)
At Aunt Natti's Cat Shelter - she didn't know which one to pet first!!
One of the kitten's at the shelter - Uncle Jay helping out
Another little kitten - she asked me if I would go to my doctor so I wouldn't be allergic to kittens any more - wish it was that easy!!
At Uncle Jay and Aunt Natti's with Boots and Cookie

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Day at the Beach

We had a great weekend last weekend. Garry and I decided to take the kids to Erie for the weekend for their last big thing before school started. Meg, Bryan and Bryanna came along too - and the kids had a great time. It is so nice to have this beach this close to home.
Bryanna loved the water - isn't her Ducky cute
Lexi loved it all!!
Diggin a hole
Eatin' some lunch
First dip in the water
Using Bryanna's shovel
Starting the hole
Isn't she about the cutest thing ever
Something is wrong with this bucket MOM!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hoover Reunion 2009

Lexi & Kelsey trying to figure out how many gumballs, swedish fish and M&M's were in those containers - the sad part is that I counted them once when I put them in... and then lost the paper so had to do it again!! Lexi won the fish.
Cole playing outside with the "big boys" as he has been referring to them and found a baby frog - he was so proud of himself
The kids going with him to let the frog go.

The Hoovers all eating - we bring and eat way too much food!!
Gram, Christy and Rob working on the quilt that we auctioned off this year - each family did a block or two.
The Cousins as they refer to themselves - and Gram - Here is Gerald, Denny, Kay, Gwen, Mom, Diane and Terry (or Larry, or Jerry - but not Mary - their names all rhyme and I can't keep them straight!!)
Gram and her two youngest brothers, Hud on the left and Dick on the right. They are the remaining 3 of the original 10 kids of my great grandparents Charles & Zora Hoover. If I am counting right - we had representation from 6 of the siblings at the reunion though from as far away as Wisconsin and South Carolina
These are all of my generations kids - 6 belong to Gram, 2 to Mildred, 3 to Hud, and 2 to Jim. They are L-R -- Kelsey, Ben, Lexi, Garrett & Kendra, Lauren, Keegan, Brooke, Genna, Cole, Bryanna, Tucker, & Adam
This was my generation at a Hoover reunion - see how we were lined up - I will have to get the names of us all - I have them all but 2. It is neat though that of the 17 of us in this shot - I think that there were 8 of us there today.

Vacation Camping

We had a little vacation time this week, so the four of us went camping a few days at Kozy Rest Kampground - one of the kid's favorites
They love the playground there - it is very nice
This is my favorite - they have a swimming pool and Cole wanted goggles like Lexi's - he is just soooo funny!!
No Mom - the water wasn't freezing - just below zero!!
Racing to the side
Eating Breakfast
The kids were helping Garry tear down outside. He took one side of the clothes line down off the tree and left the other up and was jumping rope with Lexi....
Cole even did it too!!

Logan & Brett come to visit

Logan and Cole watching movies
It was Logan's 6th birthday - so Garry made sure to give him his birthday spanks :)
We slept out in the camper
Logan in Cole's Bunk...
and the two little ones with me - needless to say I didn't sleep much!!
Saturday we went to Home Depot for the monthly project...
This month they made a cork board and wipe board - really cute
Lexi and her finished product...
And Cole's
The four amigos in their aprons - they truly are best buds!!