Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

It all started with a simple note, a glass of milk and a few treats.....
From two of Santa's favorite kids
He filled our tree with gifts and surprises...
and reminded us just how truly lucky we are in this life.
The kids waited at the top of the stairs - ornaments in hand knowing that Santa had been there.
They opened each other's gifts first - Lexi getting Cole a video and BopIt.
and Lexi's pure joy with Cole's purchase for her - A Nerf Gun!!
Cole was so proud of the hunting video he bought for Daddy
and Lexi was surprised with her Liv Doll from Santa
Mommy bought Lexi some new shoes (Daddy says I am creating another monster!!)
and Cole looked for more clues with his new spy glasses.
We finished up under the tree and went downstairs for their last gifts from Mommy and Daddy...
This I have to say was the best moment of the day. Lexi has asked and asked for a DSI. Her friends all have one - but we used this as a learning lesson for her that even though everyone else has one, doesn't always mean that you get one. She began to save her own money - and when we saw that - decided to make it her big gift. To say that she was excited would be an understatement.
Cole got his train table that you can see as his big gift - but this is him opening his other gift. I went upstairs to get some kleenex and there were still two presents under the tree - even though the kids say that there weren't - proving Santa does do magic. Cole has asked Santa since August I swear for Stinky the Garbage truck. It has never changed - unlike other years where it changes daily. This is him opening it - and afterwards - he said "Thank You Santa - I love you."
Cole with Stinky!!
Lexi & her DSI - Santa brought her 2 games for it.
Cole with his new train table.
Trying it out
Best Friends!!
Daddy got a surprise too - proving that Mommy isn't as stupid as he may think when it comes to snowmobiles - a helmet with a modular lift and lense heater!!! I made sure to brag to him that I had bought it 2 weeks before he went and tried one on :)
Then we went to Christmas at Nana & Papa's with Mimi, Bebe & Bryanna. They had stockings....
Bryanna got some puppets
and surprises....
Fashion model in training - styling with new hat and purse from Aunt Jeannie
Bryanna asked who got her Toy Story 3 - and Cole was raising his hand that he did!!! He sure loves this little lady.
Nana & Papa got Lexi the Moxie house
Merry Christmas from the Mongs.....
The Lenk Grandkids...
The Henry's.....
and Nana & Papa with their three favorits little ones.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas

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What a great Christmas you had! Looks like it just doesn't get any better than that! We miss you all and wish we could be there!
Happy New Year!