Sunday, September 19, 2010

Flag Football

Flag football has officially started - it is put on in part with the NFL - so the kids get reversible Steeler's jerseys - much to Uncle Bibi's thoughts. We missed the first game when we were camping - and last week - well - I don't want to talk about it - took over 100 shots and somehow I deleted them all - not a good day!!
This week Garry was on football duty as I was at work - and Cole had a great game. Mom, Meg, Bryan, & Bryanna came to see him play!!
Dashing off with his first hand off from coach Todd!!
Made it almost to the goal line and tripped and fell - but they got the touchdown on the next play!!
Here he is on another hand off!! Bryan seems to think he will make a better lineman for the Buckeyes than a running back :)
Facing off against his best bud - Brett!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

1st day of school 2010

First day of school - 2010 - Cole goes to Kindergarten and Lexi is all ready in 3rd grade!!
Lexi with her Hannah Montana backpack
Cole opted for Buzz
Logan went off to 2nd grade - and Brett joined Cole in Kindergarten!!
Lexi & Cole at Amy's to get on the bus..
Bryanna came to wish them a good day
Nana with her monkeys - next year Bryanna gets to join them at school!!
A hug good bye for his best buddy... He really misses her during the day
Up on to Bus 14 - Cole led the way - not a single tear was shed....
except for Amy and I standing on the sidewalk. Here is to a great school year this year!!