Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to School 2011-2012

Me and the kids on the first day of school

Hard to believe another school year has come upon the Henry Family...Lexi is off to 4th Grade and Cole ventures to 1st this year...We all gathered at Amy's for the first day of school - and lots of people came to see the kids off...

Amy & Mee Maw with Brett & Logan

Amy and her boys..

Mimi & Bebe were there with Hanna for Bryanna's first day of Kindergarten

Nana came to watch too..

Bryanna - Kindergarten

Cole - 1st Grade

Brett - 1st Grade

Logan - 3rd Grade

and Lexi - 4th Grade

Talking before the bus

Best Friends -

All lined up waiting for the bus - along with Hanah from next door..

Cole getting on the bus

and Lexi bringing up the rear.

Here is to a great year at Keystone Elementary...

Horsethief Week 2011

Wednesday night was the ever famous Power Wheel Rides on Main Street. For those of you who have never seen this before - they basically shut down a block of Main Street and let the kids invade for riding their Power Wheels through little obstacle courses. Here is Cole on his Harley..
Hanna got to enjoy the races too - she was waving at her sister here :)

Bryanna cruising in her Jeep

Before it started

Brett coming in for a ride on Cole's motorcycle

The Kids Klub also put a float in for the Drive in Movie Night...

The Kids practicing their Parade Waves

Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer fun

I had some vacation in August so the kids & I did some day trips...we went to the Erie Zoo for a day - Cole was trying to do a penguin impersonation - Love the Buckeye Hat!!

We also had the Hoover family reunion - it was a great time as it always is..My cousin's Amy Jo and Kurt were able to come - I haven't seen them in a really long time..so it was great to visit and catch up. Here is me with Kurt, Amy Jo and our other cousin Amy.

The original three Hoover siblings and their spouses - My Great Uncle Hud, Gram & Great Uncle Dick.

Here is the next generation of Hoover cousins - my cousin Amy's daughter Brooke, with Lexi & my cousin Amy Jo's daughters Ashlee and Sarah.

Kids games...

Cole lost his first two teeth this summer - sorry they are out of order :)

We went camping with the Lander's at Tionesta a weekend in July - the kids being silly while mini golfing

Playing in the creek

Lots of fun stuff - just not enough time!!


We spent a fun filled day at Delgrosso Amusement park with the English Family - It was a little wet the day that we were there - but the kids still had a great time none the less. This is a family tradition for the English family - and we sure enjoyed our first trip to the park.
You can see by our shirts - this was after a little rain storm...

Garry, Marty, Lexi & Cole rode the drop ride - Cole said never again...

On the roller coaster - the crazy mouse

Cole & Brett on the train

AHHH The Scrambler

Hope to adventure back here again next summer!!