Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fall Walk

The kids and I set off one beautiful fall afternoon for a walk so that I could take some new pictures of them. They are growing so quick and I needed some new pictures are some of my favorites...

Flag Football 2011

This picture shows it all from his season - a season of long, hard fought battles, disappointing losses, and lots of MUD!!!!
We played for Team Butterfingers again this year and Cole loved every minute of every game. It rained most of our season - and so the fields were always muddy to say the least.

The last game of the season he got to play under the lights on the high school field - here is him after the game - as you can see the mud!!

I wonder if he will wave at me from the side lines when he is playing in high school??

Lexi's favorite part of football season - the concession stand.

Running play - Cole is in the black jersey and black hat.

Brett & Cole after they played each other's teams..

Cole running with the football.

Until next season...