Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Patiently waiting for the egg hunts to begin
Cole and his first basket full
Lexi and hers
Doris had a Bunny Hop - too funny!!
Lexi and her craft
At the church egg hunt
Cole reaching for an egg
Hanging with Marilyn and Bob
Uncle Mike sneaking dessert early - I caught him!!
Great Grandpa Lenk with 3 of his Great Grand KidsBryanna, Mindy, Lexi, Timmy & Cole
The Easter Bunny left us directions!!
Lexi and her flip flops
Cole got a T-Ball stand - he tried it out and about broke my china cabinet - so it went outside!!
Walking to get some pictures taken...
The 3 Cousins enjoying Easter together!!

Bryanna opted for her wagon for the egg hunt
Cole found one with money in it!!
Lexi got the most - Garry helping her empty them

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