Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Lexi had drive in movie night at Kids Klub two weeks ago - Garry made her a convertible this year - it was really cute!!
It really fit Cole the best - but don't tell Lexi that!!

Cole is playing T-Ball this year - don't know his team yet - but Garry and him have been playing catch in the back yard. It is funny to see him playing
Going after the ball - I love my new camera - the shutter speed is great for fast moving stuff - I can hardly wait to get to use it more!!
We were trying it out with Lexi jump roping - I got some cool shots!!
This is her favorite...
this one is mine - I love the zoom lense - they were walking over to the field to look for turkeys - they were quite a distance away - don't you love their ball gloves on their hands.

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Schick fun ideas said...

I am enjoying your camera and the fun shots that you are getting. But it is hard to believe that those boys are old enough for school! WOW!