Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Lexi as a pirate this year - she was sick all week this week, so didn't get to enjoy her Halloween party at school
They dressed alike, just a smaller version for Cole
ARGH Matey!!
My smiling pirates
Full view
Lexi's mean face, and her earrings, they didn't last all night long, but she started out with them atleast!!
We stopped to see the English Family - Elmo and the race car driver.
Lexi being goofy thanks to the English family!!
Bryanna, Lexi and Meg heading to the neighbors -
Bryanna didn't like scary people!!
The pirates and their cowgirl - and her horse!!
They missed each other this week
She is so funny and so cute!!
See my horse everyone - I won it at Fun Central - it only took thousands of tickets that my Daddy bought me!!

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