Saturday, October 3, 2009

ALF Parade 2009

Nana came with us to the parade again this year
Lexi and Cole with Mommy
Meg and Bryanna after their walk to get the balloons- Bryanna showing them off to me.
The group - the fire whistle had just blown - so they were waiting patiently.
Lexi was amazed byt the majorette for the university marching band - so she took her picture.
Cole was amazed by the drum section of the marching band
Lexi checking out the University dance team - her dance teacher from last year was a member of the team last year.
Cole directing one of the bands - not sure which one this was.
Lexi showing me her bubble with just a little of the candy gathered today.
Bryanna does NOT like clowns.. or KFC Chickens...or Subway subs.... or Smokey the Bear - here she is hiding against Meg!!

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