Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer fun

I had some vacation in August so the kids & I did some day trips...we went to the Erie Zoo for a day - Cole was trying to do a penguin impersonation - Love the Buckeye Hat!!

We also had the Hoover family reunion - it was a great time as it always is..My cousin's Amy Jo and Kurt were able to come - I haven't seen them in a really long it was great to visit and catch up. Here is me with Kurt, Amy Jo and our other cousin Amy.

The original three Hoover siblings and their spouses - My Great Uncle Hud, Gram & Great Uncle Dick.

Here is the next generation of Hoover cousins - my cousin Amy's daughter Brooke, with Lexi & my cousin Amy Jo's daughters Ashlee and Sarah.

Kids games...

Cole lost his first two teeth this summer - sorry they are out of order :)

We went camping with the Lander's at Tionesta a weekend in July - the kids being silly while mini golfing

Playing in the creek

Lots of fun stuff - just not enough time!!

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