Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kids Sunday 2011

Last Sunday was the annual Kid's Sunday at the church...The kids did a great job again this year - doing skits to act out the people who trusted in God....The Jr. High kids did a lot of the readings - and then the 5th graders and below did the skits....
Matson as Daniel - before he was thrown in the lions den...
Oops - here is our buddy Lochlan in SS nursery while I was changing lenses - he is so cute!!
Cole & Bryanna and their friends from the Cherub choir who made an apprearance - always good for some chuckles!!
Lexi & Jayden - Lexi was the sick woman who touched the robe of Jesus
AAAHH David & Goliath - I wish that I had on film Goliath (played by Connor) falling flat to the floor when pelted with the sling shot rock - it was priceless - and I am surprised he didn't knock himself out.
Noah (Adam), his wife (Becca) and I am not sure the character that Nathan was playing - but looking over the plans for the arc...we should have built it last week with all the rain that we have had :)
Here is Garrett - the character of the production - he was Lot
Robert and Adam began the march around Jericho with a little trumpet song. They and their followers marched around the church and when it was time for the walls to crumble - all of the little kids blew in their toy trumpets - somehow I didn't get a picture of that...
Ole' King Adam...
Bryanna singing..
with Alanna - they take dance together and will go to kindergarten next year too.
Cole and Leah singing away - Cole had to dress up for kids Sunday - but his tie was getting a little short ...
Miss McKenna playing her violin - she did a great job!!
Miss Lexi playing her piano songs.

Lexi and her friends from Kids Klub singing as the praise team. Peggy does such a great job with all of the kids - here she is playing the piano with Kayla, Karley, Lexi, McKenna, Robert, Gracie, Becca, Katie & Connor.

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