Thursday, August 19, 2010

In Rememberance

It has been a rough couple of weeks at the Henry House. Last Thursday - a week ago today - Grandpa Henry passed away after a brief illness. We were blessed to have been able to see him Wednesday night, kiss him good night, and tell him how much we loved him before we left. He went peacefully in his sleep to see Grandma Henry we are sure. He was here for 90 great years - as we celebrated his 90th birthday in February.
This is a picture of Grandpa holding Cole the day that he was born - Garry couldn't have been more proud to introduce Grandpa to his son. Grandpa always got a special sparkle in his eye when Cole came around - they were great buds.
This is my favorite picture of Lexi with Grandpa Henry - even though it is from behind. She loved to play Grandma's organ - and being a Grandparent - he always let her - even though we always told her no. He loved his 3 kids, 7 grandchildren, and 13 great grandchildren more than anything else in the world. We will miss you Popey Homey - and see you again some day!!

This is our Henry men last summer at Jay & Natalie's - from L to R - Grandpa, Garry, Cole, Gene, Bruce & Jay.
Today - we got the call that my Great Grandma Bell passed away at the age of 105. I always joke with Garry that we are going to live forever with as long as our grandparents live. She was a spunky lady who taught be that you live each day like there isn't a tomorrow - what fresh parsley really looks like in a garden - and that it is always okay to give your great grandchildren shower caps and hotel bath soaps as Christmas presents.
This was a 5 generation picture taken shortly after Lexi was born. Grandma Bell was my Grandpa Lenk's mother. God bless you Grandma Bell - say hello to Grandma Lenk in heaven and tell her how much we love and miss her.

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Lydia Harris said...

I express my sympathy in the loss of your grandfather.
How awesome that you had a photo of five generations.

I just wrote a book for grandparents. You can learn more here:
Since you value grandparents and their important role, I thought it might interest you or others who read your blog.

With sympathy,

Lydia Harris (Grandma of five)