Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Cousins - and more cousins

There is never a better reason to get together than to see cousins - and the kids got to see lots of them this past weekend. My cousins Matt & Christy were home with their kids and we got together to take pictures. This is Gram with her 10 great grand kids - sorry for the lightness - the sun glare was really bad for my shots.
Horrible - I know - but we lined them up in birth order - from the left - Kelsey, Lexi, Addie, Lauren, Stella, Cole, Emory, Tucker, Bryanna & Arleigh. The neat thing is the four of us girls were all actually pregnant at one time in the span from Cole to Bryanna - they are separated by just over 6 months.
Bryanna and her buddy Emory - there is exactly 4 weeks between them.
Cole and Tucker - high 5
Lexi & Lauren
Arleigh was soooo tired - but soooo cute!!
and the original 4 Pollock grandkids with Gram - all grown up. Christy is married to Dan and lives in Erie with Kelsey, Lauren & Tucker. Matt is married to Mandy and Addie, Stella, Emory & Arleigh are theirs. Matt is in the navy and they are currently stationed in Brussels - so we haven't seen them in 18 months. It is always nice to visit - and to know that even though we have gone our separate ways - we are all still cousins!!

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mph0172@gmail.com said...

Thanks for posting this Jeannie! So great to see you guys. We just wish we had more time. The kids were great! Can't wait to see you all again!