Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ocean City 2010

Lexi and I on the big ferris wheel
Daddy & Cole - this is all that Cole wanted to do was ride the ferris wheel
First day on the beach - they were so excited!!
Cole must have lugged hundreds of buckets of water back and forth on the beach during our visit.
Lexi caught a crab - so we had to take a picture
Looking for shells with Daddy
Standing by the lifeguard boat
Riding the "Swinging Swings" as Cole calls them
Checking out some sea shells
Miss Lexi jumping waves - her new favorite pass time
Cole sitting in the water - if he wasn't lugging water or covered in sand - this is where we found him!!
Garry's sand castle
This is how Garry enjoyed his vacation - just sitting around!!
See my sea shell???
Miss Lexi
and Mr. Cole
Having fun
Our last night on the beach
Ocean City - we can't wait to see you again next year!!

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