Friday, May 7, 2010

Cole's First T-Ball week

Here he is - running to first base!!
The first at bat I got to see - I had to miss his first game because I had to work - but got to see a little of his second game!!
In the field...
Brett diving for a ball at first base
Practicing with Daddy in the back yard - he does pretty good hitting with Garry just pitching to him.
Garry is helping coach his team this year
My little man is growing way too fast..

We play for Renninger's Ice Cream Parlor - which for those of you who know - used to be Hartman's which Garry's parents owned when we started dating. Cole also thinks that since he plays for an ice cream parlor he should have ice cream every day of the week now!!

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Schick fun ideas said...

Good Luck this season Cole!