Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Camping

Cole and Bryanna getting ready to ride bikes
Going on a train ride - check out the video for the Train Horn - it was too funny!!
Lexi and her tiger kitty she painted at ceramics
Cole and his dog...
and Bryanna with her "Swedish Fish"
Please come ride bikes with us!!

Garry, Lexi and Cole in the front seat for the firetruck ride - I was in the back with Bryanna, Meg & Bryan
Sitting by the fire
Game room - Cole loved racing motorcycles
Bryanna raced cars - she needs a lot of practice before she turns 16!!
Cole trying it out
Lexi winning at Skeet Ball
Bryanna trying her luck with Uncle Buck
Lexi and her tickets - all that work got her 4 gummy worms and a lollipop :)
Lexi and Cole racing
"Daddy - I have a boo boo - please kiss it"
Lexi playing Hide and Go Seek with the little ones
Cole hiding under the slide out
Annual picture with the kids - this is the fourth year we have their picture in front of the sign

Best buds
By the fire truck

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